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TPOHF Partners' Program

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TPOHF realizes its goals, in part, because of its relationships with companies, corporations and other organizations. Through the generosity of these partners, lives and communities are transformed. 


If your company or organization is interested in partnering with TPOHF to help support lifelong learning, please contact us. The Pearls of Henderson Foundation, Inc. sincerely appreciates the support of all donors, no matter the size of the gift.

Become a TPOHF Partner Today

TPOHF needs your support to help to face the challenges that lie ahead and make a difference. Whatever you can give will make a genuine and lasting difference. Please take a minute now to partner with The Pearls of Henderson Foundation.

 Partner:  $500.00 - $999.00      ? Partner:  $1000.00 - $1499.00       Pearl Partner:  $1500.00+

If your prefer, your tax deductible check or money order may be made payable to:

The Pearls of Henderson Foundation, Inc.

P.O Box #####
Henderson, NV 890153

The Pearls of Henderson Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and registered with all appropriate state authorities. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Consult your tax advisor for applicability.

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